«Confectionery concern Babaevsky» is one of the oldest companies in Moscow, which  was 210 years old in 2014.The history of the brand, “Babaevsky” began more than 200 years ago with a small pastry shop, founded in 1804.

The pride of brand “Babaevsky” is the high-quality dark chocolate – created with selected cocoa beans and cocoa butter.

In 2003 «Confectionery concern Babaevsky» started a new life. He became a member of the largest Russian holding “United Confectioners”, which brings together the leading enterprises of the country. These include famous industry leaders - “Krasni Oktyabr” (''Red October'') and “Rot Front”, as well as 10 regional factories.

Specialists of “Babayevsky” at different times were created more than 200 new varieties of confectionery products, including well-known and popular to this day, «Babaev» ®, «Inspiration» ®, «Suite» ®; «Visit» ®, «Squirrel of Babaev » ® and others.

“Babaevsky” is the genuine choice for who appreciate the link between generations, the nobility of taste and classic style.

The famous quality!