The "AKKOND" confectionary was founded in August 1943.

It was a small-scale domestic industry which turned out 120-140 tons of production per year, namely sweets, iced fruit gingerbreads, chocolate sugar, nut rolled cakes, syrup, fruit drinks. 15 people worked in the manufactory.
In 1948 vapour equipment was installed, and the confectionary began to turn out 500 tons of production per year.
In 1980s new production spaces and manufacturing lines were launched as the confectionary moved to a new production site. It was the start of the development in the caramel continuous flow production line, the integrated mechanized line to produce fondant sweets, the wafers production line, the toffee mechanized production line and the praline production line. New lines were introduced, namely a mechanized zephyr production line, an integrated mechanized jellies production line, a continuous flow mechanized line to produce unglazed fondant sweets, as well as the second toffee production line and two weighting and packing machines on the biscuits production line. In 1990 a new building was constructed, the production of 20 brands of cracker was developed. The confectionary’s air compressor station was reconstructed.
During 1994 over 40 items of self-design competitive production were developed, a large amount of works on the production lines reconstruction and the equipment replacement and extension was performed. In our days "AKKOND" confectionary is one of the leading companies in Chuvashia.