The Mokate Group is one of the few Polish companies that may boast a multi-generation tradition. It goes back to the year 1900 when the members of the Mokrysz family became the owners of a colonial shop in the small place of Dobra in today’s Czech Republic

Today the Mokate Group is comprised of several enterprises
operating in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, United
Kingdom, South Africa and Dubai which export their products to
nearly all the countries in the world.
The company has three production plants, in Ustroń, Żory, and
Votice in the Czech Republic.

The revenues of Mokate amount to nearly one billion PLN per
annum, and 60% of those revenues originate in the foreign markets.
The company employs about 1700 persons all over the world.

MOKATE holds a number of high profile accreditations,
including IFS, BRC, IQNet, HACCP, ISO 9001, HALAL, KOSHER
and it’s products have been awarded numerous medals and
awards in both Poland, and other parts of the world.

The best-known brands in the Mokate portfolio are: Gold Premium,
Mokate, NYCoffee, LOYD, Marilla.