“Krasni Oktyabr” (“Red October”) is the oldest and widely recognized  company in confectionery industry in Russia. The official date of foundation the company is considered in 1851. Since then it has started workshop for making sweets and chocolate on Arbat Street, opened by Wurttemberg Theodore Ferdinand von Einem.

In 2002 the company became part of the confectionery Holding “United Confectioners”.

Among this factory brands, the most famous in the Russian Federation include: “Alionka”, “Bear Toed”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Golden Key”, “Kara-Kum”, “Chocolate Cream”, “Kis-Kis”, “Truffles”, “Capital”, “Gold Label” and many others.

Due to constant quality “Golden Label” rightfully earned wide recognition and love for the true connoisseurs of cocoa. In Russia since the Silver Age to the present day it is preferred by real gourmets.

Products “Krasni Oktyabr” (“Red October”) participate in various international and domestic exhibitions, fairs and competitions.

Factories’ trademarks have awards such as “Brand of the Year”, “Brand №1 in Russia”, “Product of the Year” and many others.

The famous quality!