Confectionery factory ZhL is one of the top 5 leaders in the confectionery market of Ukraine. The company was founded in 1944.

Confectionery ZhL is known in the sweets market as an innovative company with decades of experience, which is developing dynamically and keeps pace with the times. ZhL is actively expanding its production capacities. Total production capacity is more than 80 thousand tons per year. Today the company employs 1,800 people. Nowadays in 7 production shop floors there are 28 lines which allow to produce boxed sweets, chocolate bars, glazed and non-glazed sweets, chocolate snacks, chocolate wafer sweets, biscuits, wafers, fudge, cereal bars, cereal desserts in yoghurt and sugar-free products.

The product quality is confirmed by international standards ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management System” and ISO 22 000:2005 ” Foodstuff safety management systems”.

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