Confectionary factory “Sweet Nut” was founded in 2000. During its being factory became on of the brightest and dynamic enterprises of the domestic confectionary market.

The factory produces several range lines:
  - Suffle "Rayskie oblaka" ("Heavenly clouds"),
  - Chocolate candies “Marsianka”,
  - Chocolate mini-candies “Sharlet”.

Chocolate candy “MARSIANKA” is a conceptual product, has great potential for growth in the global market. Every year the product attracts more attention to active players of the "Candy business".

Chocolate candy “MARSIANKA” is a truly unearthly, incredible chocolaty pleasure for gourmands and sweets lovers. Candy “MARSIANKA” is distinguished by its original spherical shape, by the variety of unique multi-layered fillings and by its crispy core.

"HEAVENLY CLOUDS” is a tender soufflé with different fillings, covered with chocolate icing. Soufflé "heavenly clouds" are made from natural butter, high quality milk, and is available in four popular flavors: "Lemon", "Three chocolates", "cream" and "Chocolate". The candies have a pleasant and flavorful filling.

European design and varied packaging shape makes the product suitable not only for retailers but also for HoReCa and public catering stablishments.