The head office of the company Dr. Oetker is located in Bielefeld, Germany. Since the foundation, more than a century ago, the owners' family has significantly expanded its presence in the international market. More than 7,000 people are employed by the company in the German office and abroad.

Assortment of the company Dr. Oetker is represented on the German food market by about 300 kinds of products, each of which is the leader in its category. Independent public opinion polls say that the brand Dr. Oetker is for German consumers the most famous, favorite and most used.

The company's activities are nationally oriented. In the structure of Dr. Oetker GmbH has numerous production and representative offices, which are located in 40 countries of the world and produce more than 1,000 products. First of all, these are enterprises in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as in the Americas.

We believe that "Quality is the best recipe"!